Halloween Special: Top 10 Scariest Celebrity Breakups That Will Make You Anxious

This Halloween, take a look back at the scariest Hollywood breakups that have left Tinseltown spooked, celebrity breakups often tend to be private and behind closed doors but sometimes, the news breaks, especially when the breakup is a nasty one.

Not all celebrity couples separate this way but the ones that have will be remembered in history. There have also been a few noteworthy breakups that have ended careers, similarly, legal battles, custody battles, cheating scandals, and nervous breakdowns are also part of the scary celebrity breakups.

This year alone (2020), there have been some nasty separations but here we have compiled some of the nastiest of all time. Get your spooky fix on the top 5 scariest celebrity breakups below.

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Top 5 Scariest Celebrity Breakups

5. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

In the early 2000s, nothing seemed to be happening in Hollywood other than Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s relationship, the tabloids could not get enough of the star couple and paparazzi always seemed to be around the corner while they were together.

The fanfare they received was for good reason as they were major stars in the industry, Pitt was giving great performances in what would become legendary movies and Aniston was a darling of TV fans due to her role as Rachel on Friends.

As things tend to go in Hollywood, rumors of infidelity started and Brad reportedly had an affair with Angelina Jolie on the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,”. After a while, things fell apart and the two parted ways, ending their 5-year marriage. The rumors of Pitt cheating on Aniston have never been confirmed, although, he did say that he regrets the way things took place.

Around the time of their breakup, fans started wearing either ‘Team Aniston’ or ‘Team Jolie’ shirts. Their separation was cruel to the public and due to the nature of their stardom, it was international news.

4. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Another relationship between two major stars that ended in flames was between action superstar Tom Cruise and the immensely talented Nicole Kidman. The star relationship had a lot of fanfare and they were THE Hollywood power couple at the time.

tom cruise and nicole kidman

Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman
Image Source: Vanity Fair

This made their divorce even harder, another factor that worsened the situation is that the divorce was abrupt and out of the blue. They were married for around a decade. Kidman says that she was heartbroken because of the divorce.

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3. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

It is a different kind of media attention and sensationalism that comes when two-star actors that play the leads in a hit movie start dating, this is what happened between Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. The two leads of “High School Musical”, fans went absolutely crazy when they announced their relationship.

After 5 years, it seemed as though they were one of the rare Hollywood love stories that go the distance but as their relationship hit the 5-year mark, they called it quits, Hudgens has said publicly that the attention Zac received from female fans was a huge part of the split.

2. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

You would be lying if you said you don’t remember the absolute media domination of the ‘Jelena’ as a matter of fact, their relationship was one of the things constantly in the media for most of the 2010s. Two upcoming singers who were reaching the heights of popularity and stardom while still young finding each other was kind of beautiful.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at an NBA game

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at an NBA game
Image Source: Wallpapercave

After an on-and-off relationship that seemed to keep fans on the edge, they called it quits in 2015. Justin has since married Hailey Rhode Bieber, their marriage also came as a shock to fans and the toxic nature of their relationship made it all the more heart-wrenching. Selena has also been in some relationships since the split.

1. Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

When someone threatens public suicide after a break-up, you know things are incredibly bad. Grande and Davidson were a public couple who seemed to love each other. We have picked perhaps what is the worst celebrity breakups in recent times.

The singer and comedian were one of the late 2010’s best-loved couples but Grande seemed to enter a dark place after her ex-Mac Miller passed away.

After news of Miller’s death, their relationship immediately seemed to spiral, and Davidson, who is a mental health patient suffering from depression, took it really hard, he even threatened to kill himself in public. What puts salt on the wound is that not too long before their split they had gotten engaged. In addition to this, Grande had also written a song named ‘Pete Davidson’ in dedication to him which she released later.

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Honorable Mention: Johhny Depp and Amber Heard

The only reason Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s split is not higher in the list of celebrity breakups is that nostalgia has not had time to set in yet. However, they are still fighting a nasty break up and have even involved Elon Musk in their split.

Their divorce battle and domestic violence allegations along with the long legal battle that has ensued have really been hard to watch.




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