Johnny Depp Replaced By Bond Villain, Mads Mikkelsen, To Be Killed Off In Patriates Of The Caribbean

Johnny Depp Replaced! As per reports, Johnny Depp has been replaced from his role as Gellert Grindelwald in “Fantastic Beasts 3”, by actor Mads Mikkelsen. Official confirmation on the matter has not been released.

The actor’s career in show business has been doubted since the ruling on his libel case which saw him lose, almost immediately the franchise which featured the actor was questioned about the actor’s role in their next installments.

Then, the studios spoke and they decided that they would not employ Depp any longer, as a matter of fact, he has been kicked out of two of his most famous franchises.

In a statement released by the actor, he said that he had been asked to resign from his role as Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts by Warner Bros and fresh news reveals that his iconic character, Captain Jack Sparrow will also be killed off, off-screen in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise’s next installment.

Johnny Depp Replaced From Pirates of the Caribbean And Fantastic Beasts

The actor has been replaced in his two most popular franchises, following his libel lawsuit loss.

He played the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow, which basically built the Pirates franchise but his character meets a tragic end as the studio has said that they will kill the character off-screen, they did not even honor him with an on-screen death.

Johnny Depp Replaced

Johnny Depp Replaced from Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts after lawsuit loss
Image Source: E Online

Similarly, an actor to replace his vacant spot in Fantastic Beasts has also been already fulfilled. Another respected actor, Mads Mikkelsen, is in talks to take his role as Grindelwald.

The Danish star has been a critically acclaimed actor and has had globally famous roles like his turn as the Bond villain in Casino Royale. We’ve already covered Depp being asked to quit the Harry Potter prequels by Warner Bros.



Depp Will Still Be Paid For Fantastic Beasts

Although JD will not be playing the role, as per the terms of his contract he will still get an 8-figure salary. His contract is reportedly a ‘pay-or-play contract,’, which means that he will be paid even if he does not play the role.

Johnny Depp Replaced fantastic beasts

Johnny Depp as Grindelwald
Image SOurce: DigitalSpy

However, the money may not be the issue for JD and his fans as it is his Hollywood career at stake. Whatever the ruling of the court may be, Depp still has legions of loyal fans. The actor revealed that he is going to appeal the decision of the UK high court.

The Actor Has Other Projects Lined Up

While he may have lost the two biggest franchises he worked in, Depp still has many projects under his belt. In a similar fashion, he also has many upcoming projects like ‘MINAMATA’, ‘The Flash’, etc.

In MINAMATA he will be portraying a war photographer who documents the effects of mercury positioning in a small town in Japan.

He Was Set To Play Eobard Thawne In The Flash

Depp was all set to star in the superhero movie, The Flash (2022) but the studio that owns the movie rights is Warner Bros, and you might remember that they asked Johnny to resign from his existing role, so it is unlikely he will play another character for the studio in the near future.

He was also reportedly approached by Warner Bros to play the Joked in the Batman beyond the movie, a rumor that got fans to blow up social media.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, sources claimed that he had more than 20 projects lined up to release in the future.

The bad publicity he got from the Depp V Heard saga also tainted his image which is why many studios are distancing themselves from the actor. The truth of his domestic violence is also yet to come out.

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