Johnny Depp VS Amber Heard: Full Saga & Abuse Details In 2020

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s long history of bad blood has boiled over and become one of the nastiest celebrity feuds in history. The former married couple has been involved in a nasty divorce, a lengthy legal battle, cheating allegations, and domestic violence/abuse allegations.

The former star pair’s story is reminiscent of the plot of Gone Girl and new gossip of the pair seems to find its way into the headlines often. Even in the midst of a global pandemic their court case battles on.

Court allegations of Depp against Heard have been equally covered by the media as the domestic violence accusations of Heard against Depp. Audiotapes leaked revealed different sides to the story than the one originally presented to the public.

Confused yet?, read all the details of the Heard VS Depp saga below.

Johnny Depp And Amber Heard: How Did They Meet?

Heard and Depp met on the set of The Rum Diary in 2009. They were not romantically involved at first.

Johnny Depp And Amber Heard how did they meet

Johnny Depp And Amber Heard met while filming The Rum Diary

They later started dating after the Pirates of The Caribbean actor separated from former longtime partner Vanessa Paradis.

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Marriage And Divorce Of Johnny Depp And Amber Heard

The pair got married on February 3, 2015, after around 3 years of dating. It did not take long for the first cracks in their marriage to appear as they had an argument around a month of getting married, in March 2015, and Depp accused his then-wife of cheating with her co-star Billy Bob Thornton.

Heard and Depp's divorce was finalized in January 2017

Heard filed for divorce on May 23, 2016

Image Source: Economic Times

Depp got the tip of his finger sliced off in the argument and wrote: “Easy Amber” and ” Starring Billy Bob” which was in reference to him accusing Heard of cheating with Billy Bob and other men.

Heard Filed For Divorce And Alimony

The argument had resulted in a lot of public speculation about their separation and divorce. Amber Heard filed for divorce on 23rd May 2016 and also appealed for a restraining order. Just a couple of days later she filed a $50,000 alimony lawsuit against Depp.

Johnny paid $7 Million to Heard in August 2016 to settle out of court for the lawsuits. TMZ obtained and made a video public, in which an apparently enraged Depp smashes a wine glass while Heard is scared and filming secretly.

Their divorce was finalized in January 2017, and Depp asked the court for a $100,000 fine against Amber which was not granted.

Depp VS Heard: Updates In 2020

The pair are still feuding as of 2020 and the latest updates are pouring in. In fact, Elon Musk, who was accused of having an affair with Heard when she was still with Depp, announced the birth of his son on May 4, 2020. The accusations raised the question, was Elon Musk involved in their divorce.

Not long after announcing the birth of his son ‘X Æ A-12 Musk’, he addressed the legions of JD fans accusing him of the affair by saying that the video evidence used by JD’s legal team to make the accusation conveniently had no timestamp.

Musk Tweeted “This is false. JD’s team put out ‘video evidence’, but conveniently excluded the date stamp, as it was well after JD & AH had separated,”

The Tesla owner was also accused of partaking in a 3-way with Depp’s then-wife Heard and Cara Delevingne.

Johnny Depp who has recently started an Instagram page, thanked his fans on May 8, 2020, for supporting him during his legal battle with his ex. He also dedicated a musical performance to his fans as thanks.

They are still battling it out for the $50 million defamation lawsuit filed by Depp against The Sun after the tabloid called him a ‘wife-beater’.

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Who Assaulted Whom?

At first, Heard presented evidence such as the video provided by TMZ. Later audiotapes and recordings surfaced (obtained by Dailymail) on which Heard admits to hitting Johnny Depp causing a turn of public opinion in Depp’s favor.

Here is a video breaking down the evidence from the Heard Vs Depp case:

The audio recordings were also later used in a legal testimony where Amber Heard admits to hitting him but tells that as he is bigger and more powerful than her, implying that she did not hurt him. There is still more evidence being produced but the exact legal ruling is yet to be made as of May 9, 2020.

Penelope Cruz and Winona Ryder also came out in support of Depp and said that the abuse allegations against Johnny were absurd.

Amber Heard’s Legal Team Pulled Out Of Defamation Suit

The lawsuit that the Fantastic Beasts actor had filed took another turn in June 2020 when Heard’s legal team consisting of Roberta Kaplan, John Quinn, Julie Fink, and Davida Brook quit.

Kaplan Hecker and Fink LL were representing Heard but as the trial is in Virginia, the firm’s official statement has said that the travel and logistics cost is the main reason why they quit.

Roberta Kaplan is a famous lawyer best-known for her association with the Times Up movement.

Depp Lost The Libel And Defamation Case

On November 1, 2020, the high court ruled that Amber Heard’s claims were true and that the Sun was right in calling Depp a ‘wife-beater’, the actor’s lawyers have said that they will likely appeal. The decision comes as a shock to all the fans and social media has gone absolutely bonkers as Johnny Depp lost the case.

Some have claimed that it is proof as to why male victims of domestic abuse do not speak out, while some of Heard’s supporters have said the ruling proves power and money cannot decide a case and that the decision made by the judge was a win for all women.

No comments have been made by either star. As for the fans, Depp’s supporters are hoping an appeal is made whereas Heard’s supporters have claimed that the decision should be final.

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