Destiel: A Gut Wrenching End To Supernatural Fans’ Hopes For Dean & Castiel

Supernatural fans were finally treated to Destiel, the long-awaited slash between Dean (played by Jensen Ackles) and the savior angel Castiel (Misha Collins) but not in the way they expected. In one of the most emotional scenes in the whole series, the two allies come together in a dialogue scene that rivals some of the greatest exchanges between TV characters.

Fan theories on Destiel have been around ever since Castiel came into the life of the Winchesters. As the series is coming to a close, it has already made fans emotional but as the creators of the show revealed the long-awaited Castiel and Dean slash, it made some tears flow.

The stars have become iconic as their characters and the gravity with which they delivered the lines made the episode even more emotional.

Destiel: Ended As Soon As It Started

Before we go any further, Spoiler Alert!, those who have not watched season 15 episode 18 titled ‘Despair’ of the show yet, this is a warning and the episode has been appropriately titled.

Now, getting to the matter at hand, the show gave the fans what they had been wondering for a long time. When they finally ‘slashed’, as the fans say, it got the fans depressed. The viewers were not expecting the way in which the on-screen friends were part of a heartfelt dialogue.

destiel castiel dean love-x

Fans were devastated as Destiel parted ways in ‘Despair’
Image Source: Fangas

In the episode, Castiel comforts Dean by telling him that he is one of the most caring men on earth. The dialogue is one of the most vulnerable the two characters have been in all of the series.

But wait, it does not finish there as Dean drops a bomb by asking Castiel why his short monologue sounded like a goodbye, Castiel says that it sounds like a goodbye because it is.

After Cass finishes the heartfelt dialogue about how Dean cares for him and he cares for Dean, he pulls even harder on the heartstring and says that he loves Dean, maybe not in a romantic way but most fans believe it was.

As you can imagine, viewers were left shaken after the episode. Many were not expecting Destiel to be shown in the series but almost no-one had expected that the first glance of Casdean ended with them saying goodbye.

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Is Destiel Perpetrating ‘Bury Your Gays’?

Other than the obvious emotional trauma of the goodbyes and the upcoming series finale, some fans were claiming that the episode that features the awaited connection plays into one of TV’s most notorious tropes, ‘Bury Your Gays’.

destiel bury your gays

Some fans were concerned Destiel perpetrated ‘Bury Your Gays’
Image Source: BuzzFeed

The trope is when LGBTQI+ characters are treated as more expendable than their straight counterparts in the show.

Many have said that Supernatural fell into the trope as Destiel was almost immediately killed off as it was started.

Supernatural’s Finale: End Of An Era

The long-running series ended in 2020, it has been one of the defining series of the modern TV era. Its series finale means the closing of one of the best and most beloved shows in the world.

Fans saw the emotional end of the show on November 19, 2020, as Sam and Dean hung their silver bullets and demon-hunting gloves. We won’t spoil any of it but our detailed analysis of the final episode of the series will be coming soon.

For fans who grew up with the show, it is not only the end of an era but also a part of their childhood. The actor will carry on as Jensen Ackles has confirmed another series in his filmography. In fact, he has already been offered a role in the hit Netflix series, ‘The Boys’, and said that he will be spending time with his wife Danneel Ackles and kids Justice Jay Ackles, Zeppelin Bram Ackles, and Arrow Rhodes Ackles.

Similarly, other main actors of the show have also said that they will be continuing their journey on TV with other projects in the near future.



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