Ever Wondered What Eric Stoltz From Mask Is Worth In 2021? Read His Exact Net Worth And Wife

Eric Stoltz’s net worth is in the millions in 2021, the actor came into prominence in the early 1980s with his acclaimed performances on various films, among his early work, the actor skyrocketed into fame with the 1985 classic film “Mask”, other big-name movies in his filmography include the Tarantino masterpiece “Pulp Fiction”, Killing Zone, Lionheart, etc. He was also the original casting choice for Marty McFly in the classic “Back To The Future” but was fired.

Before becoming a hit name on the big screen, he was a television actor with a few TV movies and minor appearances to his name. His first on-screen role goes back more than 40 years and his career is still going strong.

Eric Stoltz’s Net Worth

The actor has a net worth of $5 million in 2021 according to Celebritynetworth, he amassed this fortune from over 4 decades of work in the film and TV industry. The actor amassed the fortune from various iconic roles and works on-screen.

Other than this, he has also received hefty salaries for work other than as an actor, in fact, he has worked as a producer, director, composer, and stuntman. According to IMDb, he has more than 25 credits as a director.

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Did Eric Stoltz’s Wife Die?

Stoltz married his long-time girlfriend Bernadette Moley in 2005, she is alive and well but, there have been numerous rumors that she passed away which are false. They have been together for over 16 years. Together the pair have 2 children, including Catalina Stoltz.

eric stoltz wife died

Eric Stoltz and his wife Bernadette Moley who is alive in 2021
Image Source: Getty

While the actor has kept most of his prior relationships under the radar, he did have a public relationship with Bridget Fonda in the late 1980s. He met Fonda way back in 1986 but waited till 1990 to officially start dating. They broke up in 1998, following 8 years together.

Why Was Eric Stoltz Fired From Back To The Future? Was He The original Marty McFly?

A theatre thespian and an acclaimed actor with one of the most iconic scripts ever should sound like a recipe for success but that was not the case for Eric Stoltz in ‘’Back To The Future”. In fact, it is hard to imagine anyone other than Michael J. Fox in the lead role for the film, but the character was originally played by Stoltz. As a matter of fact, director Robert Zemeckis had already filmed 5 weeks with Eric in the lead role as per Digital Spy.

Eric Stoltz in back to the future

Eric Stoltz was the original casting choice for Marty McFly
Image Source: DenOfGeek

The reason for Eric Stoltz’s dismissal was his approach to the character rather than any unsavory fallouts or behaviors on set other than a reported clash and an intense scene with Thomas F Wilson. He lacked the comedic finesse and light-hearted charm that the writers wanted in their character.

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Eric Stoltz’s Age In 2021

Eric Stoltz’s is 59 years old as of February 2021, he was born on September 30, 1961, to parents Evelyn B., and Jack Stoltz. He was the only son of 3 children born to the Stoltz family. Both of his sisters, Catherine and Susan, are also involved in show business.

While Eric was born in California, he was raised in American Samoa and Santa Barbara. He had an early interest in acting but did not receive any formal training until after his junior year in college when he dropped out to pursue a career in acting.

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