Johnny Depp’s Statement Breaks Silence: Resigns From Fantastic Beasts, Says Career Is Not Over And Promises Definitive Appeal

Johnny Depp’s statement on social media is finally a place for fans after the actor’s long silence. Depp, one of the biggest actors of our time, finally broke his silence after he lost his libel case against the Sun, in a social media post the actor dropped bombshells as he announced his resignation from the popular Fantastic Beasts franchise in a short statement.

Similarly, he also confirmed that he would appeal the court’s decision. After a while of tabloids and all over the speculating that the actor’s career is over, he has finally spoken on his films and resigned from one of the biggest franchises in the world.

This may signify a decline in the actor’s career but it is not certain that his career is over.

Once a star that gave major studios an ultimatum to trust him or fire him, now Depp has been asked to resign from a successful role. While all of this means that the actor’s stardom has taken a hit, the events have done nothing to tarnish his reputation among his loyal fans and those who still believe that he did nothing wrong.

Johnny Depp’s Statement Breaks Silence In A Social Media Post

After staying off the media and mostly quiet, the actor addressed his fans in a message in which he said that he had resigned from ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3’. He said that Warner Bros. had asked him to resign from his role.

In addition to this, he also thanked all of the people including his passionate fans that have supported him throughout the Amber Heard Vs. Johnny Depp saga. He said that he was humbled by the amount of support he received.

Statement Confirms Johnny Depp Will Appeal UK High Court’s Decision

Johnny Depp’s statement continued and answered what was probably the question on most fans’ minds, he confirmed that he will be appealing the decision. His legal team had also said that they were most likely to appeal the decision.

He said that the judgment made by the court was surreal and he will continue fighting for the ‘truth’. Additionally, the statement declared that his resolve was strong and he works tirelessly to prove his innocence. The social media post, which seemingly dropped out of nowhere, took fans by surprise, and created waves all over the world.

Johnny Depp Says Career Is Not Over

In the final line of his short statement, Depp assured his fans that his career wand life would not be defined by this moment in time, the recent years have not been kind to Depp as he has lost major roles, cases and has had his reputation tarnished.

Johnny Depp Breaks Silence; Johnny Depp's Statement

Depp outside London High Court
Image Source: The Guardian

As a matter of fact, the UK high court has even ruled that it is legal to call him a ‘wife-beater’. The actor is also supported by millions of fans and a lot of people in the industry including his ex-partners. He also has the support of a huge chunk of Hollywood celebrities but has lost the backing of studios such as Warner Bros.

Is This Really The End Of the Johnny Depp Era?

Well, opinions vary and facts have not yet become certain but if you ask movie critics, the Johnny Depp era ended almost 10 years ago as the qualities of his movies degraded. Once, one of the actors whose films set critics and box office records alight, his recent projects have failed to impress and have reached mediocrity at best.

Johnny Depp Breaks Silence

Johnny Dep’s statement on social media post announced his resignation from Fantastic Beasts
Image Source: The Mix

His role as Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts franchise was perhaps one of his only ‘superstar-class’ roles but the studios have forced him to resign from that too. Similarly, his role as the beloved Jack Sparrow has also been speculated to be over.

However, the actor seems confident in resurrecting his career again. For now, his career is in sort of limbo and will surely be hinged on the appeal he and his legal team make. The acting talents, on-screen charisma, and presence of Johnny Depp have never been questioned but the events of his personal life have caused a decline in his stardom.

As the saying goes, the actor is made by the fans and Depp seems to have a lot of fans still left in his corner. So, the actor might have sustained a blow professionally, but he may be able to shake it off.

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