Kyla Wayans: The Full Bio Of Damon Wayans, Her Age in 2020

Kyla Wayans is an actress best known as the daughter of Damon Wayans, Sr. Most of her fame is accredited to her celebrity father, other than her likeness being featured in her father’s show My Wife and Kids, she has remained away from the limelight.

Her father, Damon is an acclaimed comedian known for his work with his family. The Wayans have been a fixture in Hollywood comedy for a whopping 4 decades.

How Old Is Kyla Wayans? Her Age In 2020

Kyla Wayans is around 39 years old in 2020. She was born in 1991, her exact birth date is not available in the public domain.

Kyla Wayans is around 39 years old as of June 2020

Kyla Wayans is around 39 years old as of June 2020, her exact birthday is not known
Image Source: ExportGuru

She is the daughter of Lisa Thorner and Damon Wayans. She has 3 siblings, two brothers Damon Wayans Jr., & Michael Wayans, and a sister, Cara Mia Wayans.

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Is Kyla Wayans Married?

There is no information regarding Kyla’s married life in the public domain, she is possibly married as of June 2020.

What Is Kyla Wayans’ Net Worth?

The estimated net worth of Damon Wayans’ daughter Kyla, as of June 2020 is anywhere from $100k to $1 million.

Her father on the other hand has a net worth of around $35 million, the bulk of which he acquired from stand-up comedy, TV series, and movies.

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Kyla Wayans’ Father Is A Legendary Comedian

To repeat, Kyla is Damon Wayans Sr.’s daughter. Her dad was one of the most prominent names in Hollywood comedy for almost 4 decades.

Damon Wayans was the main cast on Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon featured Damon Wayans as the lead on Lethal Weapon
Image Source: TV Guide

He started his career back in the early 1980s in stand-up comedy. His first role on-screen was on Beverly Hills Cop in 1984. Similarly, he had a few minor roles in films like Hollywood Shuffle, Roxanne, etc.

After a few small roles, he got the main role in Major Payne in 1995. This role greatly helped his film career. The next year in 1996, he worked in 3 films which received mediocre reviews like Celtic Pride, The Great White Hype, and Bulletproof.

Some of his other films that were popular are Goosed, Bamboozled, Farce of the Penguins, etc.

Wayans’ career on TV started as a featured performer on Saturday Night Live. He worked on SNL from 1985 to 1986. In 1987, he was cast in an episode of A Different World.

One Night Stand featured him as a comedian in 1989. The next year in 1990, he was cast on In Living Color where he was part of the main cast. He left the sketch comedy show in 1992.

Then he took a short hiatus only returning to the small screen with Damon. The show was not a hit and was canceled the same year.

In 2001, he came out with the show My Wife and Kids where he recounted his own experiences with family including daughter Kyla Wayans.

The show ran until 2005, after this, he worked on The Underground in 2006. Then, he worked as Keith in Never Better and Francis Williams in Happy Endings.

Furter Works And Lethal Weapon Controversy

His most recent main role as of June 2020 was as Roger Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon TV series. He worked on the series from 2016 to 2019. According to TV Guide, the feud between the lead actors on Lethal Weapon led to controversy and the subsequent quitting of Clayne Crawford.

The lead duo feuded on Twitter too where Wayans claimed that Clayne caused a lot of delays onset, Damon accused Clayne of injuring him multiple times.

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