The Odd Reason Travis Scott Deleted His Instagram Account In 2020

Globally popular rapper Travis Scott deleted his Instagram account after fans made fun of his Batman costume and it seems is not a good time to be Travis Scott as the rapper was ‘bullied’ by fans after he uploaded a photo of himself in which he wore a Batman suit in an Instagram post on the occasion of Halloween.

While the exact reason why he deleted the account has not been verified by the star himself, various reports suggest that the comments made on the musician’s Batman picture was the main reason. Similarly, some have also suggested that fans made racist comments and berated him.

In addition to this, he is also facing a lawsuit over a joystick design and has been fighting in court, the stars do not seem to be in the rapper’s favor as they usually are in late 2020.

Travis Scott Deleted Instagram Account

Scott had millions of followers on Instagram as he is globally popular and enjoys excellent fanfare. But the star deleted his Insta account, the reason you ask? Well, as mentioned above the reason has not been confirmed but fans believe it was because he posted his picture in a Batman costume and got mocked all over the internet.

travis scott batman

Travis Scott (Batman) uploaded this photo on Instagram which was widely mocked
Image Source: Instagram@TravisScott

The timing definitely points towards this being the case as the last photo he uploaded was the one that was berated. The photo was not that special except that it was a bit funny seeing the rapper dress up in costume and give a gloomy expression.

However, fans of the star saw the photo as an abomination and ruthlessly attacked the star on social media. His own page and post got filled with negative comments. This was documented by some other fans. Some comments were light-hearted but others were definitely coming from a bad place.

As a matter of fact, he was practically bullied by the users on social media and it was not bound to Instagram only, other platforms also saw their fair share of jokes made at the expense of the rapper. Many even called him, Travis Scott Batman.

Another piece of evidence is that he did not delete Twitter and is still active on it but has only deleted Instagram. He had not uploaded the photo of him in the Batman suit on Twitter.

Travis has not explicitly confirmed that the comments or negativity is the reason behind him deleting his account however, fans are convinced and the above evidence also points that he deleted it because of the harsh comments on the Batman photo.

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Travis Scott Is Also Facing A Lawsuit

While all of the Instagram goes off the rails in the foreground, the rapper is battling a company in court, KontrolFreak claims that he stole the design of their copyright-protected photos and placed it in his merch which he then tried to sell in his record-setting Fortnite appearance.

Travis Scott sued

Travis Scott sued for these joystick accessories
Image Source: eBay

He collaborated with Fortnite to create a streaming event in early lockdown that broke the record for the most people watching a Fortnite stream record. A lot more than 12.3 million joined in and it was an event that was recorded in the game’s history.

Much of the fame of the online event was attributed to Scott’s appearance. He advertised and promoted his merchandise in the online event. Then, KontrolFreek, the gaming accessories company sued him claiming that he had used their copyright-protected designs in his joysticks and merch.

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Will Travis Scott Rejoin Instagram?

To speculate, yes, we believe he will re-join the platform soon, he has not left other social media like Twitter and posted an update in late October 2020. There is no reason for Scott’s Instagram fans to be worried as his publicist might even force him to join Instagram if Scott is reluctant.

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