Who Is Mike Wayans? Read These 5 Fast Facts To Know That Include Age, Net Worth,

Mike Wayans is a comedian, an actor, and a celebrity but he is perhaps best recognized as the son of Damon Wayans Sr and his former wife Lisa Thorner. Mike, like all of the Wayans, is an immensely talented star but has remained out of the Hollywood spotlight for some time now.

Wayans has worked in showbiz in the past but has not managed to gain mainstream success like other members of his family. As a matter of fact, his most popular works are the films and series in which he appears alongside his family.

Debuting as an actor in 1994’s Blankman he has since garnered the attention of many fans but has chosen not to pursue a career in acting. Here are 5 fast facts about the actor.

Damon Wayans Sr Is Mike Wayans’ Father

As mentioned above, Mike is one of 4 kids of the legendary comedian Damon Wayans Sr. and his ex-wife Lisa Thorner. He was born on March 28, 1985, and is 35 years old as of November 2020.

He had a brother named Damon Wayans Jr., and 2 sisters named Cara Mia Wayans and Kyla Wayans.

Mike Wayans with his father Damon

Mike Wayans with his dad Damon Wayans Sr.
Image Source: NewsBreak

His brother is a star in his own right whereas his sisters have chosen not to be in the spotlight. However, Mike and his sister Cara have been in all 3 of their acting credits together.

Kyla was also featured in an episode of ‘My Wife and Kids’, a show where Mike and Cara played prominent roles.

Mike Wayans And Vanessa Simmons Are Partners

The celebrity couple has been together for almost 15 years as of November 2020. They have not yet been married but Vanessa said that she plans to get married to her bae soon.


Together they have a daughter named Ava Marie Jean Wayans who was born in 2014 and is 6 years old in late 2020.Read More: Justice Jay Ackles Bio: Age; How Old Is The Daughter Of Jensen Ackles in 2020?

Simmons And Mike Wayans Want More Kids

The celebrity couple has been explicit in saying that they want more kids but they will wait until getting married.

Mike Wayans with his partner Vanessa Simmons at the baby shower
Image Source: Essence

It has been over one and a half decades since they first started dating but they are still unmarried, however, they have said that they plan to get married in the near future. Similarly, after they said that get married.

Mike Wayans Net Worth In 2020

The star has not been in many films but has managed to amass a net worth of $2.5 million as of 2020 according to this source. Most of his earnings are from his comedy and acting career.

What Does Mike Wayans Do For A Living?

Wayans is a former actor and comedian but he has shied away from the media and spotlight in recent years, as a matter of fact, his last on-screen work was released back in 2009. Hr made his first appearance on-screen back in 1989. His career was mediocre and short but he did become quite popular.

As of 2020, it is unclear what he does for a living. His wife on the other hand is a fashionista and a clothing entrepreneur. She has a clothing line and various shops all over the country.

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