Why Did Johnny Depp Accept Film Award ‘Behind Bars’? Is He Jailed?

First, to put Depp fans at ease we confirm that Johnny Depp has not been jailed but he has partaken in a weird photo shoot in which he accepted the Unique Visual Sensitivity award in the virtual Camerimage festival 2020 posing behind bars of a replica jail. He won the award for his performance on Minamata.

The famed actor has been in a bind ever since he divorced Amber Heard but due to the recent libel case that he lost; he has had to part ways from the role of Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

Nevertheless, he still managed to bag an award through it all to the delight of his fans. He has been away from the spotlight as his legal team prepares to appeal the decision of the UK high court.

Johnny Depp Accepting Award ’Behind Bars’: What Does It Mean?

Depp is probably making a comment through his photo on the recent decision of his libel case against the Sun, which he infamously lost. In the picture, he accepted his award (the Unique Visual Sensitivity) during the 2020 Camerimage festival which was held virtually.

Johnny Depp behind bars

Johnny Depp accepting his award from ‘behind bars’
Image Source: Camerimage’s Social Media Page

While the actor has not explicitly said anything about the photo and its meaning, we can pretty much say that he is trying to leave a subliminal message about how his court case went.

Obviously being behind bars relates to the libel lawsuit in some way. Depp is yet to confirm how or why he took that picture but it seems he is trying to communicate to his fans about the loss.

Johnny Depp’s followers have shown a lot of passion when it comes to his recent troubles in court. As a matter of fact, there are multiple petitions going on to get the actor reinstated in his iconic role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise after he was dropped by Disney, his character will be killed off-screen in the franchise.

The official statement released by Johnny Depp accepting the award Image Source: Johnny Depp's social media

The official statement released by Johnny Depp accepting the award
Image Source: Johnny Depp’s social media

He shared an official statement after receiving the award and thanked the directors and everyone he worked with on the film. This is the first time he has broken his silence after releasing the official statement where he announced his resignation from the Fantastic Beasts series.

Johnny Depp’s Fans Are Uniting To Help The Actor

As mentioned above, there is a petition (that has more than 79,000 signatures as of the time of writing) going around that is trying to get Depp back in his role as Jack Sparrow. Similarly, this one has accrued more than 330,000 signatures.

Johnny Depp accepts film behind bars in bizarre

Johnny Depp’s fans started a petition to bring him back as Captain Jack Sparrow
Image Source: Polygon

While some reports claimed he was fired from the Pirates franchise, he was officially dropped from the franchise after a plethora of things went wrong for the actor.

Some fans have taken a step in the other direction and have started a formal appeal on Change.org asking to remove Amber Heard from her role as Mera in the upcoming Aquaman sequel. More than 1.4 million people have signed the petition.

Did Johnny Depp Go To Jail?

No, Depp has not been jailed and his picture in front of the bars was a replica in the Bahamas where he was at the time he received the award.

His fans on social media were worried after the picture was posted on Camerimage’s official social media page. Fans were assured by the actor that he and his legal team would appeal the loss of his defamation case.

He has been away from the spotlight but even after the debacle of his legal case, he has still managed to win an award. He also has a lot of projects lined up but his future in the upcoming movies is in jeopardy. Depp was set to be cast in the DC Flash film but now that is also being questioned.

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